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Studio Shot 1, Photo by Hassa Fassa Desi
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Stuart Asprey was born in England and raised in California.  He received his MFA from the University of Oklahoma and his BA from Humboldt State University.  Stuart’s award winning, irreverently humored artwork regularly exhibits throughout the United States and occasionally in Europe.  He has taught workshops at Anderson Ranch, The Armory in West Palm Beach, The Morean Center for Clay, Red Star Studios and numerous universities throughout the United States.  He returned to his alma mater in 2012 and is currently an Associate Professor of Ceramics at the University of Oklahoma.

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Artist Statement

Ornamentation and narrative are the artistic allies that assist in the creation of my ceramic vessels.  These objects are graphic clay canvases that question our past actions, events and people.  They can be irreverently witty, gut wrenchingly serious, or filled with parody.  They use history for arsenal: our folklore, politics, science, human geography, and most importantly, our popular culture. 


I prefer to surround myself with the weird, the funny and the uglier side of life. No matter what lines the intent and content crosses, I am drawn toward precision and details.


The work I make survives in a place where art can still tap into your inner youth.  I make the type of art that a child would create if they had the beliefs, opinions, skill sets and actually possessed the abilities (either mentally, physically or financially) to accomplish their objectives. 

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